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The Girl In The Chinese Room

There is silence in the newly generated DW world. Formerly a large expanse of white, the void has been filled with a room, in preparation for its new occupant; a computer sits in the corner, plugged in, but not powered on; bookshelves line the walls, cluttered with papers, books and various trinkets; a sofa with a blanket and pillow has been arranged for a sleeping place, and a kitchen is tucked away next to a door that never opens.

A loud CRACK cuts through the air, and a girl with long, messy hair is dropped into the room. Stumbling to the ground, she looks up and surveys her surroundings.


She slowly comes to her feet, trying to understand what's going on.

GIRL: My room? But this isn't LiveJournal...

She scratches her head, frowning at the door before knocking.

GIRL: Well, at least we don't have a steel door this time.

To her surprise, someone knocks back from the other side.

GIRL: Eh? Daniel, is that you?


GIRL: ...If it's you, knock the tune to my favorite song as of... *tries to think of when she heard it* ...last Thursday.

A series of knocks immediately resounds from the other side of the door. The girl grins, but it doesn't last long. Knowing what the result will be, she tries to open the door, but it doesn't budge.

GIRL: Dicks. *pauses* Might wanna move away from the door, Daniel.

Taking a step back, she prepares herself before launching a mighty kick at it.

The door flies open, and she's almost sucked outside into the vacuum of space, if not for a strong hand that snatches her arm before she flies away. She turns back to see Daniel, clinging the doorframe like a lifeline, white in the face. With a grunt, Daniel heaves himself and the girl back through the doorway into the room. Once inside, she grabs ahold of the handle and wrenches the door shut behind them before they both fall to the kitchen floor, panting.

Regaining breath, Daniel sits up.

DANIEL: So...that's what's on the other side of the door.

GIRL: *still gasping* Like I always thought....outside world....incredibly overrated.

Daniel gives the room a once over.

DANIEL: Well, I see our organisation skills have remained the same, Cat Madigan.

CAT: Don't look at me, I only just got here.

DANIEL: *raises an eyebrow* It took you that long to mess everything up?

CAT: Forget it.

She gets up and exits the kitchen, approaching the desk where the computer sits. She thinks, then begins to switch it on, settling down in the desk chair as she waits for it to power up.

DANIEL: Any luck?

CAT: Seems to be working normally. *grimaces* Well, by normally, I mean, it's still slow as hell. Good old Craptop.

She turns around in her chair to face Daniel.

CAT: So you were clinging to the outside for how long?

DANIEL: *blanches at the memory* Ten minutes. Any longer and I would've lost my grip.

CAT: *winces* Shit. I didn't realise you were there. Sorry.

DANIEL: *shrugs* I've woken up in worse places.

CAT: Yeah, but at least in the Conservatory you weren't afraid of getting sucked out into space.

DANIEL: I was actually talking about that inn back with the Infernal.

CAT: Oh yeah. Good times.

Daniel ignores her and folds his arms.

DANIEL: Do they really expect use to stay here?

CAT: I...hope not. The question of what we do when we need to go to the bathroom is still up in the air.

An uneasy expression crosses both of their faces. Cat turns around in her chair and begins typing into her computer.

CAT: Alright then. Present location is...Cat Madigan dot...dreamwidth. Dot org. That mean anything to you?

DANIEL: Dream width? Please don't tell me we're in an issue of The Sandman.

CAT: *dreamy eyed* I wish. I've always wanted to meet Morpheus...

DANIEL: I could give you several stories from that series that would demonstrate why that would be a terrible idea.

CAT: Point taken. *continues typing* So, time is two fifteen pm, date is the tenth of April, 2017. Everything seems to be normal. Database is all accounted for, and...home base is ninety five percent developed.

Daniel goes to the kitchen to check on the Magic Fridge. Opening the door, he finds a stock of meat dishes and icecream.

DANIEL: Oh shit. It took me months to train this thing to stock alcohol!

CAT: Yeah, all our downloads have gone too. The program that lets you enter and leave without interfering with the door isn't there anymore. No chance you have a back up?

DANIEL: No, but I found this in my pocket. *pulls out a roll of paper* I think it's our download history over the past couple of years. *eyes widen*

CAT: *uneasy* What? It gets lonely when you're busy exploring time and space.

DANIEL: No...something's been written on this.

Cat scootches over to take a look over Daniel's shoulder.


There is no signature.

CAT: ...reassuring. *glances around* I don't see any cameras...

DANIEL: More importantly, who do you think this is from? Friend? Ally? Kaya?

CAT: Don't know about you, but I don't want any of those options watching what I do on a Friday night.

DANIEL: That's...oddly specific. Anyway.

He hands her the list to redownload everything at a later date. The two of them look at eachother and back at the computer.

DANIEL: Do you think this place has always been hurtling through space?

CAT: Probably? I guess that would explain the steel door. Though not why it's suddenly been replaced with a wooden one. Or why you were on the opposite side.

DANIEL: Hmm. you think things shall resume as normal now? Even in our new location?

CAT: Should do. It said 'continue assignments as normal'. I'll do my work, you do yours. The two of us, locked in a room, floating in space. As usual.

At that moment, there's a whirring sound, and another section appears in the flat. Cat goes to inspect it.


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